The Mexican Sandwich

Owner Jimmy Shaw welcomes you to Torta Company. As creator of the renowned Lotería Grill in Los Angeles, he is a master of regional Mexican specialties and enjoys sharing the flavors that make Mexican cuisine so delicious. At Torta Company Jimmy joined forces with his brother Andy Shaw to let everyone experience what a real torta tastes like. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Bread Top

Mexican roll, freshly baked to a crispy crust with a fluffy interior and served hot from the oven

Aguacate y Salsa

Fresh avocado, mashed until it’s soft and creamy, and flavored with salt, pepper, and lime juice. Then we add our special house dressings: Chipotle Mayo, Cilantro Cream, or Manzano Chile Sauce


Sliced ripe and juicy tomato


Juicy chicken cutlet, breaded with savory seasonings


A must for every authentic torta. We use black and pinto bean spreads, depending on which combines best with the fillings

Bread Bottom

Last but not least, the other half of the bread that makes it delicious


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The history of the torta is as layered with creative embellishments as the sandwich itself. It all starts with a famous Mexican battle, a French baguette, a difficult choice, and a resourceful baker. Let’s just say, the story is epic.

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