About Torta Company

Reinventing the mexican sandwich

One thing you can be sure of: We know Mexican cuisine—and we’re not afraid to boast about it. Jimmy Shaw—the man behind Los Angeles’s Lotería Grill—loves L.A. and he loves his native Mexico. He also loves tortas, and wanted to make great ones to share with everyone. So he teamed up with his brother Andy with a common goal: provide the city with the best tortas ever.

But there is no great torta without great bread, so they sought out the best bread recipe in the world to create the most delicious, authentic telera ever. From there, Jimmy and Andy put together everything they knew would make an amazing torta, carefully arranging different combinations of ingredients and tasting them to make sure every bite was delicious.

The result? Torta Company: where one bite will make you happy for the rest of the day. ¡Buen provecho!


History of Telera

The First step to a good Torta is great bread!

Suppose you’re a soldier heading off to the battlefield in the 1860s and you have to decide between carrying your musket and a tasty French baguette. Clearly, the choice between life or lunch is one no person should have to make.

When the French invaded Mexico they brought with them new curiosities, including their bread. Fortunately, an enterprising baker from somewhere in Mexico (some claim it was Puebla, others say Mexico City) came up with the brilliant idea of reshaping that baguette into a smaller, rounder, and more transportable version called a telera. He filled it with delicious local ingredients and sent Mexican soldiers off with their own moveable feast. It must’ve done the trick because Mexico won that battle against the French, transformed the baguette into telera and created the torta—the uniquely scrumptious Mexican sandwich. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today at Torta Company, we’re taking our own freshly baked teleras, loading them with freshly prepared Mexican ingredients—right down to the mashed bean spread—and producing a mouthwatering sandwich like no other.